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Supply Chain Management (SCM):

SOURCE KNIGHT maintains strategy of managing all the resources to meet customer requirements in efficient, costs less and high quality service prospective by sourcing locally and internationally at the same time through our integrated chain supply network of pre approved suppliers and manufacturers. Our special focus is to source locally to save you cost and time to import from overseas.

International sourcing for supplies is not a problem for us to make sure cost effectiveness as we source and ship ourselves for a better position to provide “best value” to our customers.

We provide turnkey solution for requirements by serving our clients for demands from the point of origin to the point of consumptions of the material with maintenance, training and backup support, wherever required.  

SOURCE KNIGHT has developed a integrated software with the connectivity of Market Stock updating system to create metrics for monitoring and managing goods inventory including receiving and verifying shipments of regular and consumable materials according to regional demands.

We schedule the activities necessary for production, testing, packaging and preparation for delivery to measure quality levels, production output and productivity by coordinating the receipt of orders from customers and develop a network of warehouses, pick carriers to get products to customers.

SOURCE KNIGHT created a responsive and flexible network for receiving defective and excess products back from their customers and supporting customers who have problems with delivered products. We believe in long-lasting business relationship with our valuable clients to oblige them by all means.

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