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Who we are

SOURCE KNIGHT is a Supply chain management company, Specialized in Procurement and Operations in most critical regions in the world. Life support services, provision of freight movements, construction and project services are the main focus areas we committed to perform with our extensively experienced team and technical professionals. We strive to satisfy project requirements and provide reliable service around the clock with excellence. Our technical expertise and leadership skills enable us to deliver what we commit. 

We known for fastest response with comprehensive solutions to our clients needs in both commercial and non commercial areas operations.

We ensure that we form partnerships and local community agreements in all operating environments to maintain ethical integrity and promote ethical behavior for all of our staff and affiliates.

We optimize the efficiency of your entire supply chain. From sourcing and manufacturing through delivery and return, we apply precision technologies and extensive experience to formulate logistics solutions specifically targeted to meet your challenges.

Advisor, Collaborator, Partner

One of the key tools for developing solid supply chain operations is dialog. We assess the needs of your business in two ways. We act as an objective observer, and we maintain an ongoing conversation with you to ensure we have the complete picture. The result is improved systems that are perfectly matched to the needs of you and your business. Industry Specializations.

We have a range of industry-specific expertise. Our team is able to build supply chain solutions tailored to your operations, production and market demands no matter what your industry. 

Rigorous, Cost-Effective Solutions

Create synergies across your supply chains. Coordinate and consolidate supply chains to address logistics costs. Apply proven process-refinement methodologies by harnessing the latest technologies with the help of our expert professionals. 

Solutions for Big Issues

Source Knight has optimized distribution networks, improved supply chain visibility and reduced costs. We have partnered with leading companies to craft processes that solved their industry-specific challenges. 

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