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Maintenance, Repair and Overhauling

SOURCE KNIGHT delivers MRO financial and technical advisory support to maintenance organizations, operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and other aviation businesses around the world, using the practical hands-on experience, expertise, and industry relationships developed over hundreds of MRO assignments. We help MRO clients understand today’s aftermarket industry, develop and implement sustainable MRO strategies, and generate tangible bottom-line results.

With capabilities greatly expanded by the staff of leading global aerospace consultancy AeroStrategy, SOURCE KNIGHT supports clients with:

  • Maintenance and engineering diagnostics
  • MRO sourcing and maintenance oversight
  • Financial advisory services, including MRO-related due diligence and merger and acquisition support
  • Management consulting in areas including strategy, organizational development, customer satisfaction, and process optimization
  • Market research and benchmarking
  • IT sourcing and implementation
  • Certified safety audits

As aircraft operators grow, evolve, and demand more from their suppliers, a firm understanding of intense global competition, continued outsourcing, and industry consolidation are essential. SOURCE KNIGHT’s dedicated MRO team delivers this perspective through a staff of former airline maintenance and engineering specialists, OEM experts, MRO executives,  and proprietary databases for market research, forecasting, performance benchmarking, and asset valuation and appraisal.

SOURCE KNIGHT a leading provider of air cargo transportation, offering both scheduled and chartered transportation services worldwide. The company’s 25 Boeing 747 freighters have been used to transport cargo ranging from delicate medical equipment to heavy machinery to livestock to Global mail.

SOURCE KNIGHT Air provides a fully integrated set of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. SOURCE KNIGHT Air Maintenance is an FAA certified 145 Repair Station and offers heavy maintenance, line maintenance, parts sales and service, component repair and overhaul, and engineering services.

In addition, SOURCE KNIGHT offers airline-related training including simulator training.

Product Support:

Aircraft Accessories

  • Electro-Mechanical – Starters, CSDs, IDGs, Generators, Fans, Actuators, Valves
  • Pneumatic – Starters, PRBCs, Air Cycle Machines, Valves
  • Hydraulic – Gear Boxes, Pumps, Transmissions, Actuators, Cylinders, Valves
  • Electronics – Control Units, Valves, Oil Coolers

Structures and Advanced Composite

  • Products – Nacelles, Reversers, Flight Control Surfaces, Radomes, Tail Cones, Cowling, Ducts, Doors and Fairings
  • Services – In-house DER, Transmissivity Test Range, In-House Tooling Manufacture, Advanced Machining, Non-Destructive Analysis

Electronics, Avionics and Instruments

  • Electronics – GCUs, Bus Protection Panels, Temperature Controls, Power Supplies, Static Inverters
  • Avionics – TCAS, VOR, ADF, Radars, Indicators, Antennas, Transponders, INU, IRU, DU, Wind Shear Radars
  • Instruments – EPR Transmitters, Air Data Computers, RMI, Cockpit Voice Recorders, Gyros
  • Indicators – Course, Flap Position, Fuel Flow, Fuel Qty, Pressure Ratio, Temperature

Power Plant

  • Engine Components – Fuel Pumps, Flow Dividers, Fuel Heaters, Fuel Nozzle`s, Harnesses, MECs, FFRs

Wheels and Brakes

  • ABSC, Bendix, Dunlop, & Goodrich
  • HEICO currently manages Cost Per Landing programs and Fixed Price programs for several major airlines. For our contract customers, we offer access to asset pools, accommodating immediate and/or advance exchange requirements.
  • Maintenance and engineering diagnostics—SOURCE KNIGHT routinely performs maintenance and engineering diagnostics for airlines and MROs around the world, enabling the assessment of best-in-class operations, business processes, IT systems, and cost structures.
  • MRO sourcing and maintenance oversight—SOURCE KNIGHT provides sourcing and hangar/shop visit oversight for our asset management clients, affording us current knowledge of supplier performance, service standards, pricing structures, facilities, and invoicing.
  • Financial advisory services—SOURCE KNIGHT is globally recognized as a leading advisor to the financial and investment community for MRO-related due diligence, merger and acquisition support, market research, business plan development, and start-up support.
  • Management consulting—SOURCE KNIGHT is recognized as a leading advisor to the MRO sector for strategy, organizational development, customer satisfaction, and process optimization, including implementation.
  • Market research and benchmarking—To support our strategic, market research, and diagnostic engagements, SOURCE KNIGHT maintains proprietary databases and models of airframe, engine, and component MRO demand; aircraft production forecast and aerospace raw material demand; and MRO operational and financial performance benchmarks.
  • IT sourcing and implementation—SOURCE KNIGHT has deep experience managing the strategic sourcing and implementation of complex MRO IT systems.


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