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Power & Energy Solutions

Give your farming the wow factor with ultra convenient, ultra green, ultra effi cient, ultra cost effective and indispensible solar
photovoltaic technology from Lowara - Solar Plexus.

Lowara - Solar Plexus Solar PV Applications:
• Irrigation
• Livestock
• Crops, Fruits, Grain and Vegetables
• Greenhouse Nursery and Floricul-ture
• Animal Aquaculture
• Dairy Cattle and Milk Production
• Turkey, Poultry and Egg Production
• Fish Farms
• Swimming Pools
• Pond Management
• Commercial and Domestic Water Supply
• Rural Drinking Water Supply
• Water Resale
• Golf Courses
• Fire fighting

Benefits & Features;

• Reliable and highly efficient technology that extends pump life
• Low total cost of ownership
• Rapid return on investment
• Highly efficient conversion ratio at 98%, advanced IGBT
• Up to 18.85% solar PV module efficiency - highest in the industry with service life greater than 25 years
• Fast installation with minimal ongoing maintenance
• Indispensible during power cuts
• Choice of bespoke or ‘ready-togo’ complete PV Kits from 3kW to 37kW (higher on demand)
• Flexible flow rate solutions - 5 cubic meters/hour to 550 cubic meters/hour
• Maximum head of 700m
• Off-grid inverter independent systems
• Switchable from solar PV to mains during evenings and cloudy days
• Water canned motors for contamination avoidance
• No more expensive diesel powered pumping
• Salt & ammonia resistant solar modules
• Smart controller with built in Maximum Power Point Tracking
• Large LCD controller display
• With protections
• Green, sustainable and environ-mentally friendly
• Beat the rising diesel and utility costs.
• Comprehensive world-wide sup-port & warranties

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