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Supplier Relation

Source Knight, SRM PORTAL engaging and enable suppliers to offer process-focused services, with a systematically proven performance, by setting up a direct link to supplier’s procurement person or relationship manager;

SKME, aims the systematic creation and capture of post-contract value from key business relationships;

We recognize that ‘relationships’ are not an end in themselves. Successful relationships are an outcome and can be measured in value terms.

It is mostly collaboration with strategic suppliers, and needs to be completely integrated with strategic sourcing / category management processes.

Detailed analysis of the specific supplier relationship enable us to determine the strategy for aligning the whole enterprise around the task of managing a specific project, based on a clearly documented relationship strategy;

The main aim of this portal is to structure the contract and agreements to ensure each party enthusiastically implements the agreement; with a common goal of mutual cooperation for a successful business transaction.

It is as much about driving-up day-to-day operational performance as innovation and joint value creation.

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